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Nose2tail are Wellington's Premier Doggy Daycare facility, looking after your dog, nose to tail. We pride ourselves in offering a first class facility with individualised care for your dog. Nose2tail has the ability and space to allocate dogs into different playgroups.  We know there are moments when dogs may need a timeout and some downtime. Our Zen room is the perfect place. The next minute they want to be running around just being dogs, so our grassed outdoor area complete with paddling pool and sandpit is the place to be. Check out our services below, then ring us to discuss your dog's needs.

Doggy Recuperation

Your dog is recovering from an operation / injury. Perhaps they need regular medication or a change of dressing. You can't leave them at home all day -  we get it! Nose2tail offer one to one nursing by our dedicated staff  for your dog in a separate recuperation space.

Puppy Socialisation

At Nose2tail your puppy will experience social time, play, quiet time and training in a structured mix. This makes for an experience that’s fun for everyone.  Puppies are impulsive and excitable. Your puppy is who they are, and the goal of Nose2tail is to discover your puppy’s personality. As well as structured social skills and basic training your pup will have free play. This is the time when the puppies get to race about and get to know each other.



Golden Years

A separate room is provided for the older dogs to have a timeout  from the teenagers for a while. That way they have their own relaxation space. At Nose2tail each dog is an individual and as such we are happy to discuss individual needs and requirements.











Doggy Daycare

We offer a structured and fun day tailored to the individual needs of each dog. At Nose2tail  we understand that peaceful sensitive souls  have different needs to the mad mutts. We take the time to get to know all our dogs. That way we can make sure they receive just the right amount of fun, rest, attention and training to give them an enjoyable day.


Dog Bus

Are you losing time in the daily commute to drop off your dog at the daycare?  Nose2tail members can  start their day with a ride in the Dog Bus. Your dog's safety is a priority,  so our bus has individual compartments. By prior arrangement we can pick our members up in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon/evening.

Plan B

We all need a Plan B. Plan A is easy:

  1. Drop Dog off at Nose2tail

  2. Fly out of the capital for the day

  3. Fly Back

Then comes the time when Wellington Airport is closed due to high winds.

That is when Nose2tail's Plan B comes into action.  We will ensure that your dog is taken care of. Want to know more and put your Plan B into place then contact us.


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